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Our Roots


1467 Cellars' story is interwoven with the tale of one man's pursuit of the American Dream. In the 1950s, Juan Roldan, our family's patriarch, left the quaint town of Acopinalco del Peñon in Tlaxcala, Mexico, and journeyed to the vast expanses of the United States. His drive? A vision of providing a flourishing life for his family.

Juan's path led him to the Bracero program, an initiative during the late 1950s and early 1960s that offered short-term agricultural contracts. From the golden fields of California to the vine-laden stretches of St. Helena, Juan's hands touched the very essence of the land. It was in these grapevines that a passion was kindled—a passion that would be passed down through the generations.

Fast forward to today, and Juan's dedication reverberates through the Napa Valley. His grandson, Erik Ayala, now takes the mantle as the chief winemaker at 1467 Cellars. Alongside him is his father, Ruben Ayala, both working diligently at Pride Mountain Vineyards. Their combined efforts, rooted in family and a deep love for wine, have given birth to the exquisite offerings of 1467 Cellars. Each bottle, a narrative in itself, is lovingly bottled and cellared in the heart of St. Helena, California.

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